Caavo Accounts Overview

by Boone

With a Caavo Account, it’s simple to find all your favorite content.

When you select apps to add to your Caavo Account, both the apps and all their content get linked with Caavo, enabling Caavo to launch apps across all your devices.

Even better, with Search & Launch apps, you can just say what you want to watch, and all your app content appears in Caavo’s search results. Choose the result you want, and Caavo will launch it right away.     

With select Watch & Watchlists apps, you’ll enjoy a few extra Caavo features when you share your service credentials. Use the “watch” command to autoplay content and pick up where you left off. Find everything you’ve recently watched, sorted by service on the Caavo Watchlists screen. (App integration varies, as described below.) Even if you don’t share your service credentials, you’ll still get Search & Launch app features.

Before getting started with Caavo Accounts, you must first download and sign into the apps you want to use on your devices. NOTE: Caavo does NOT do this for you. After setting up apps on your devices, select your favorites and share your service credentials in Caavo Accounts.

App Integration


Amazon, HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, Vudu, Plex*

HBO GO, Showtime Anytime**

iTunes, Starz, TBS, TNT and YouTube

DirecTV Now and SlingTV

Watch & Watchlists apps


Search & Launch apps


Launch across devices

*Plex results display under a separate category on the search results page

**HBO Go and Showtime Anytime

HBO Go and Showtime Anytime, which require your TV provider's credentials, ONLY authenticate against DirecTV, Dish and Xfinity with Caavo today. (Additional providers will be added soon.) With these providers, Caavo supports Caavo Watchlists features as described above. If a viewer has another TV provider, HBO Go and Showtime Anytime deeplinking will work from search results, as well as HBO Go and Showtime Anytime launch. DirecTV Now and SlingTV do NOT authenticate HBO Go and Showtime Anytime with Caavo.


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