Can I use two set top boxes with Caavo?

by Jerry

While Caavo will allow you to connect and set up more than one set top box (cable, satellite, TiVo), it is not an ideal situation. 

  • Some devices only respond to IR control, such as Xfinity boxes.  Hooking two of those up to a Caavo would cause both to respond to the commands sent by Caavo. 

Caavo will only provide search results and channel tuning requests for whichever box was set up first.

  • For example, if you connect a TiVo device to port 1 and Xfinity to port 2 at the same time, Caavo will default to the TiVo for channel change requests (i.e. "watch Comedy Central").  In this scenario, the Xfinity watchlist will not be collected.

Simply disconnecting the first device won't automatically transfer controls to the second device

  • If you were to remove TiVo in this scenario, you would need to also disconnect Xfinity and then set up both devices.
  • If you connected only the Xfinity box, regardless of port, and finished setup but then later added TiVo, Xfinity would still be the default device.



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