Nvidia Shield

by Jerry

Control Types
Nvidia Shield can be controlled via CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) or IR(infrared) controls. Caavo will determine the appropriate method to use during setup for your particular model.

Auto Switching
Caavo can detect when you are using either the standard remote or the game controller and will automatically switch to the Nvidia Shield input.

If this isn't working, use the Caavo remote to go to Settings> Devices> Nvidia Shield> Control Settings> Auto-Switch Settings to enable this functionality.

Basic Controls
The Nvidia Shield remote does not have REWIND, PLAY, or FAST FORWARD buttons.  As such, it often requires you to use the DIRECTIONAL PAD to perform those commands.  The same applies when using the Caavo remote to control Nvidia Shield.  However some apps, like Netflix, are built to allow Caavo to use Fast Forward, Rewind, and Play. This behavior is not consistent across all apps so you'll have to experiment to find out which behavior works best.

  • NOTE: while the Caavo remote will display a "hint" when you touch a button, this does not happen when you touch the Caavo Direction Pad or SELECT button.

Nvidia Shield remote keys are mapped to the following Caavo buttons:

Shield Caavo
 Directional Pad    Directional Pad
 Back   (<-)
 Home   HOME
 Rewind   (<<)                          {only on certain apps}
 Fast Forward   (>>)                          {only on certain apps}
 Play/Pause   (>||)                          {only on certain apps}
 Stop  Long press of (>||)       {only on certain apps}

Deep Linking
Deep Linking is when Caavo can take you from a search or "watch" command directly to a program within your app watchlist.  Deep linking is supported on all Nvidia Shield devices but requires a companion app be installed from the Google Play store.

  • Connect the Nvidia Shield to any available Caavo HDMI port.
  • Verify Caavo discovers the newly connected device
  • Verify Nvidia Shield is connected to the same network as Caavo
  • During setup, Caavo will direct you to go to the Google Play Store app on Nvidia Shield to install the Caavo Companion app.  It will also tell you to open the app and confirm you see "Caavo connected successfully!" on the screen (it this doesn't happen, you won't be able to link directly to programs).
  • Setup will then take you to the Caavo Account website so you can link your credentials.  This allows Caavo to display your watchlists for deep linking.


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