How To Add Favorite Channels

by Dan

Caavo lets you add up to 6 favorite channels for your TV viewing convenience.  To add your favorite channels please follow the steps listed below.

  • On your Caavo remote locate and press the 'Keypad/More' button.  It's found at the bottom row of buttons on the remote.


  • After pressing the 'Keypad/More' button a window will appear at the bottom right hand corner of your TV screen.


  • Using the remote's d-pad, enter the channel number you want add as a favorite channel.
  • Once the channel has been entered, use the d-pad to move to any open spot signified with a '+' and press enter (d-pad center button).  The channel will now be saved as a 'Favorite channel'.

Accessing a Favorite Channel

  • To access a 'Favorite Channel' simple press the 'Keypad/More' button, navigate to the favorite channel you want with the d-pad and press enter (center button of d-pad).

Replacing a Favorite Channel

To replace a favorite channel with a different channel, follow these steps...

  • Press the 'Keypad/More' button to open the keypad window.
  • With the d-pad enter the channel number you would like to set as your favorite channel.
  • Use the d-pad to move to an already save favorite channel you would like to replace.
  • Press enter (center d-pad button) and the new channel entered will replace the older favorite channel.


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