IR Troubleshooting Guide

If you are facing IR control issues, please read thru and check on the following items…

  • Connectivity
    • If you are using an IR transmitter, check its connection to Caavo's IR port.
    • If the device that doesn't have control is a TV, make sure the HDMI cable from Caavo is NOT plugged into the ARC port of the TV.
    • If you are using the Caavo HDMI-IR cable, make sure the HDMI-IR cable is connected directly to the device (your TV or cable box, for example, not to Caavo) and that the transmitter is plugged in firmly to the HDMI-IR cable
  • Line of Sight
    • Make sure Caavo has a line-of-sight to device.
    • If there isn't a direct line of sight, please ensure that you are using one of the included IR accessories so that the IR signal can reach the device.
    • Check that the transmitter wasn't knocked out of alignment. The transmitter should point at the sensor of the device you intend to control, not at Caavo.
  • IR Learning
    • Did you go through IR learning during setup and was IR learning successful?
      • If IR learning was not successful, please return to setup and go through IR learning. You can do that by going to the following...
        Settings > Devices > [device name] > Test Control
      • If you did not go through IR learning and your IR control was working and stopped all of a sudden, make sure nothing is blocking the line of sight from Caavo to your device. Otherwise, try to reboot Caavo.
  • Other
    • Do you have Apple TV? Please go here to read on for IR issues for users with Apple TV.
    • Use a digital camera (your phone's camera should work; iPhones use the front camera) to "see" the Infrared signal blasting from the Caavo box as well as any attached emitters. The Caavo box has two emitters on the front and one on each side that will light up when issuing IR commands like Volume UP/Down.  This is also a good method to determine if your IR transmitter is actually sending a signal or not.
    • It is possible that you may have an RF remote, which is not supported by Caavo. You can test this by placing your hand in front the original device remote (blocking it's signal to your device) and then trying to control your device. If the device responds, even while your hand is blocking the remote signal, you likely have an RF remote and will need to use it (and not the Caavo remote).
    • Try restarting the device and Caavo.
    • Make sure the device being controlled has the latest firmware. Many TVs are not always connected to the internet to receive updates.
    • Do you have a Plasma TV?
      • Plasma TVs emit signals that can conflict with IR signals. If you have a plasma TV you may need to use an IR emitter to send IR signal directly to your device so the plasma TV doesn't interfere.
    • If you are looking to understand what IR is, please go here.