Getting Started Tips and Tricks

Getting Started

This guide is here to help you get started setting up your Control Center. 

  1. If you’ve already created your Caavo Account, skip this step. If you haven’t created your Caavo Account online, go to and create one.  Be sure to use an email address that you will always have access to (i.e. not your work email).
  2. Unpack Control Center.
    • Your box includes: Control Center, Caavo Remote + Batteries, IR Blasters, Power Cable.
  3. Place the included AAA batteries into the Control Center Remote.
  4. If you have an Audio Video Receiver (AVR) or Soundbar connected to your TV via HDMI, leave it connected on both ends. Then, disconnect all your HDMI source devices from your AVR/Soundbar. You will connect Control Center to your AVR/Soundbar instead.
    • OR If you do not have an AVR/Soundbar, or your AVR/Soundbar is connected via RCA or optical cables, disconnect all your HDMI source devices from your TV. You will connect Control Center directly to your TV instead.
  5. Place Control Center in a central location where IR signals emitted from within the unit can reach both your source devices and your AVR and TV (line-of-sight if possible).
  6. Plug in your source devices to the 4 INPUT ports on the back of Control Center.
  7. Plug in an HDMI cable from the OUTPUT port on Control Center into your AVR, Soundbar, or directly into your TV (if you are not using an HDMI AVR or HDMI Soundbar). Please avoid using the TV's HDMI port marked as ARC.
  8. Connect the Control Center power supply into a wall outlet.
  9. Turn on your TV with your TV’s remote (and AVR/Soundbar too). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your setup experience. During setup, you will be instructed how to use the included IR accessories (if needed).

Three common ways to connect Control Center:



Your Caavo Account


The last step in the setup process is to sign into your Caavo account that you created in step 1 above. Here you will be asked to  select the apps and streaming services that you want to use with Control Center. You'll need to make sure you've downloaded the apps on each source device, streaming box, or STB in order to use them with Caavo.

Read more about signing into your Caavo account >

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