Getting Started Tips and Tricks

by Boone

Getting Started

This guide is here to help you get started with Control Center. If you have any questions, you can contact Caavo support at 844-G0-CAAVO at any time.

The basic steps you will follow:

  1. Unpack Control Center.
    • This Includes: Control Center, Caavo Remote + Batteries, IR Blasters, Power Cable. 
  2. Disconnect your source devices (Apple TV, Fire TV, Set Top Box etc.) from your AVR or TV.
  3. Disconnect your TV from your AVR or sound bar (if applicable).
  4. Place Control Center in a central location where IR can reach both your source devices and AVR or TV.
  5. Plug in the HDMI out cables from your source devices into the 4 input ports on the back of Control Center.
  6. Plug in the HDMI out cable from Control Center into your AVR, Soundbar, or directly into your TV (if you are not using AVR or Soundbar).connect-diagrams.png
  7. Plug in the Control Center power cable. Control Center will automatically power on.



Home Entertainment System Setup


Caavo needs to know how your home entertainment system is set up in order to properly control all of your devices. You'll be asked where your devices are placed, whether you have an AVR or soundbar, etc. Caavo needs to know whether your devices are in an open or closed cabinet because it needs line of sight in order to use infrared controls.

Read more about how your system is set up >


Logging In


The last step in the setup process is to sign in to (or create) your Caavo account. Here you will be asked to sign in and select the apps and streaming services that you want to use with Caavo. You'll need to make sure you've downloaded the apps on each source device, streamer box, or STB in order to use them with Caavo.

Signing in to your accounts will make it possible for Caavo to do things like display your watchlist on apps like Netflix and Hulu, as well as automatically launch the next episode of a series that you're watching.

Read more about signing into you Caavo account >

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