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Home Entertainment System Setup


Caavo needs to know how your home entertainment system is set up in order to properly control all of your devices. You'll be asked where your devices are placed, whether you have an AVR or soundbar, etc. Caavo needs to know whether your devices are in an open or closed cabinet because it needs line of sight in order to use infrared controls.

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Connecting Source Devices

If you haven't already, the next step is to connect all of the source devices that you want to use with Caavo. There are 8 HDMI ports along the back of Caavo.

Please ensure that you have the remotes for each of your source devices, as you may need to use the original remote to configure the source device for use with Caavo. You'll also need to ensure that each device is turned on and not in standby mode.

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Configuring Controls


The next step will be to ensure that Caavo can control each of the devices connected to it. Caavo comes prepared to automatically control many sources devices, but for some devices you'll be prompted to teach Caavo how to control it. The process is very quick and simple, and you'll be guided through each step with on-screen instructions.

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Logging In


The last step in the setup process is to sign in to (or create) your Caavo account. Here you will be asked to sign in to the apps and streaming services that you want to use with Caavo. You'll need your credentials for all of the apps that you use.

Signing in to your accounts will make it possible for Caavo to do things like display your watchlist on apps like Netflix and Hulu, as well as automatically launch the next episode of a series that you're watching.

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