Release Notes for Caavo Software Updates

by Dan

From time to time Caavo will address and fix bugs and issues and improve upon the experience of your Caavo system.  This happens via a software (AKA firmware) update.  You will usually see a notification at the top of your TV display if an update is available. 

As a way to keep you informed on what fixes and/or improvements were made with each software update, we have included the release notes for each update here.  Please return to this page after each software update to read up on what changes were made or added.

Caavo Software Update Release Notes:

Release date : 20 March 2018

  • Added/Modified/Fixed
  • App launch support (needs reconfiguration of Apps/Services via “Settings > Apps & Credentials”)
    • DirecTvNow on AppleTV
    • Playstation Vue on AppleTV, Roku, FireTV & Shield
  • Sonos changes
    • Volume unmute when increased from mute state (IP control)
    • IR control
    • PLAYBASE support
  • Plex changes
    • Option added in “Apps & Credentials > Plex” to make Plex the default landing page for search results
  • HDMI fixes
    • Pink screen and incorrect resolution detection

Release date : 13 February 2018

  • Added/Modified/Fixed
    • Fix for sluggish UI


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