Control Center's Auto-Switch Feature

Control Center has the capability to switch to a different device automatically when activity on that device is detected. (e.g. pressing a button on the AppleTV remote will cause Control Center to detect activity on AppleTV and switch to the AppleTV input). This way, you can use the original remote for any given device if you prefer and Control Center will automatically switch to that input.

Sometimes source devices can send stray signals to Control Center, which it can interpret as you trying to use that device. Additionally, some devices will automatically update themselves (guides and software) which can also be seen as activity by Control Center.

You can enable/disable auto-switch with any of the devices you have connected to Control Center.

If the problem is happening with Xbox

Check the following on Control Center:

  • Go to Settings > Devices > Xbox > Control Settings > Auto-switch settings > disable Power On.

Check the following on Xbox:

  • Go to Xbox settings and disable "QuickStart" & "Keep my console up to date" 

If auto-switch is NOT working with Roku

Check the following on Control Center:

  • Settings> Devices> Roku> Control Settings> Auto-Switch. Ensure both the "Roku RF Remote Operation" and "Roku IR Remote Operation" are checked.

Check the following on Roku:

  • Settings> System> Control Other Devices.  Enable the "1-touch play" option


If auto-switch is NOT working with Xbox One

In order for auto switching to work with XBOX One
"Power mode" must be set to "Energy-savings" (not "instant-on") on the Xbox?
  • Power & Startup -> Power mode & Startup
In addition, if the Xbox powers back on within 3 minutes or so of powering off, Control Center won’t be able to automatically switch to the Xbox input. The Xbox takes around 3 minutes before it actually powers completely down. Xbox must power down completely for Control Center to detect that it powered back up.


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