Connecting an AVR/Soundbar to Control Center

Depending on the inputs available on your AVR/Soundbar, you can connect it in a few different ways.


If your AVR or Soundbar has HDMI passthrough, connect the HDMI Out from Control Center to the HDMI input of your AVR/Soundbar. The HDMI output from your AVR/Soundbar should go into one of the HDMI inputs on your TV. 

If you are not getting video when passing through AVR/Soundbar, please ensure that your AVR/Soundbar supports HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 passthrough. Earlier soundbars do not support this, and therefore you may need to either upgrade your equipment or setup using the ARC method below.


If you have an HDMI soundbar and your TV Supports Audio Return Channel (ARC), you can connect the soundbar via HDMI to the TV's ARC port. Then connect the HDMI output on Control Center to another input on your TV. You will need to make sure your TV is configured with ARC enabled. This setup will also work for some AVRs.


If you have a Sound Bar that ONLY has an Optical input, your Control Center HDMI Output should go to one of your HDMI inputs on your TV. Your TV should have its Optical out connected to your Soundbar's Optical input. Make sure you have your TV set to output audio through Optical Out.



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