Control Center Does Not Launch Shows on FireTV / AppleTV / Nvidia Shield / Android Streaming Box

In order for Control Center to launch shows on your FireTV / AppleTV / Nvidia Shield, the Caavo Companion App needs to be installed on your device.

Verify you have a working network connection on your FireTV, AppleTV, or Nvidia Shield, then search for the Caavo Companion app (Please see directions for your device below). Depending on your device, you may need to type the full app name to find the proper result.

  • For FireTV, navigate on your FireTV to the top level menu and access the search icon (magnifying glass). Type in a text search for "Caavo Companion" and select to download.


  • On Nvidia Shield/ Android Streaming Boxes, scroll up to the top of the screen and then to the right to highlight the keyboard icon.  This will allow you to type a search command (voice search on Nvidia Shield/ Andriod Streaming Boxes doesn't know the word "Caavo")
  • With AppleTV, launch the App Store app from your home screen and search for the Caavo Companion App. Select get for free and click buy to confirm. If your AppleTV does not have an App Store option, then the AppleTV may be too early of a generation that does not allow apps to be loaded on the device. If this is the case, Control Center will not be able to deeplink to your AppleTV.

Once downloaded, please open the app to ensure it is active. Then you can navigate away and content can be launched on these devices using Control Center. 

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