How Long Do the Remote Control Batteries Last?

Battery life will vary based on usage.  For normal use, the remote batteries may last three months or longer. You can check the remote's battery level by doing the following...

Caavo button > Settings (gear) > Remote

The % battery level will be shown at the very top of the page. When the batteries start getting low, you will be notified at the bottom of your screen when you turn on your Control Center. That is the indication to change out the current batteries in the remote with new ones.

Enabling Enhanced Sensitivity in this menu will disable the remote from going into a sleep state and significantly lower the battery life of your remote.  If your batteries seem to drain quickly, make sure you have Enhanced Sensitivity disabled. If the setting shows the words ENHANCED SENSITIVITY, then the setting has not been selected/enabled and your batteries should last much longer.  If the setting shows the words NORMAL SENSITIVITY, then the setting has been selected/enabled and your remote will stay on at all times which will drain the batteries much faster.

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