Control Center is Unable to Control my PS4

If Control Center is unable to control your PS4, use the PS4 controller to confirm that the HDMI Device Link is activated on PS4 (Settings> System> Check HDMI Device Link).

If this is the first time you are setting up your PS4, you will need to manually power on your PS4 using a PS4 remote to set up your PS4 device.

If you have previously setup up PS4 to work with Control Center but are now unable to control it, try using your PS4 controller to make sure the PS4 is not locked up. 

  • Restart your PS4
  • Restart your Control Center. You can do this by pressing the Caavo button > Settings > Restart. 
  • Toggle Device Link off/on. 

If none of these options allow Control Center to control the PS4, try using a different HDMI 2.0 cable between PS4 & Control Center.

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