Using Control Center to Search and Launch Content

Voice commands are at the heart of the Control Center experience. You can search for streaming content, live TV channels (if you have an active service plan), live TV shows, upcoming TV shows. 

Simply press and hold the MIC button on your Control Center remote and speak what you want to search for. Control Center will scan through all of the apps, devices, and services to find exactly what you’re looking for. Then select the content you want to launch from the list.

You can also ask Control Center to "watch" the name of any of your devices and it will automatically switch to that source.

Searching for Live TV Shows

If you’d like to watch a specific program, press and hold the MIC button on your Control Center remote, speak the name of the program or event, and Control Center will search for any available options and display them in the search results page:


Search results are organized into different categories on the left hand side, and any live TV options are in the “Live” category.

Searching for Youtube Content

After performing a voice search, you can launch Youtube content that was found in the search. Simply navigate to the left side of the search results and select "Web". If you have a compatible web streaming device, these results will automatically launch in the YouTube app when selected.


The Watch command

For any content that is in your Caavo Cache on Control Center, saying "watch" before the movie title, show, episode, channel or device will automatically open the appropriate service and start video playback.

For example, you can say "watch Netflix", "watch CNN", "watch AppleTV" and Control Center will automatically switch to the app, channel, or device.

Control Center will only automatically tune to a channel if it can find an exact match. For better success in getting the right channel to automatically tune, try using the channel number instead of the call sign, or the complete channel call sign. For example, you might try ESPNHD instead of ESPN.

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