How Does Control Center Communicate With Devices?

Caavo has several means of communicating with your devices. This article will give you an overview of what each of those methods means.



HDMI-CEC is a protocol which allows commands to be sent through the HDMI cable. When you press a button on the remote for a device which supports HDMI-CEC, it will also send a command through its HDMI cable telling Control Center what happened. This tells Control Center that device is active, and will switch to that device if Auto-Switch is enabled.


Infrared (IR) Controls

Infrared is the most commonly found control method, and most TVs and older devices have remotes which communicate with IR. IR needs a clear line of sight, so if your Control Center will be hidden from any of your devices then you'll either need to connect an IR extender or use IP controls instead.


Network (IP) Controls (preferred)

Many newer devices support IP controls which allows commands to be sent over the local network that they're connected to. This type of control is faster and more reliable than IR controls, and should be used with Control Center whenever possible. Note: Control Center must be on the same network as the device you're trying to control in order to use IP controls.


Bluetooth Controls

Some devices such as FireTV use Bluetooth for control. Control Center must be paired with these devices in order to control them.

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