Launching Content on Apple TV Takes a Long Time

It may take a bit longer than usual to launch your desired program due to the fact that Apple TV needs to identify the app you've selected to view your content on. This includes quite a bit of moving parts including the Caavo Companion app helping with the search for your desired content.  During this time you will see navigation happening in the background behind the buffer screen. Launching content should not exceed 15-20 seconds. 

You can help speed up that process by moving the affected app to the top row of your AppleTV's home screen as follows.

  • Using the AppleTV remote, press and hold on the app to go into wiggle mode.  You can then drag the app to the top row.

If your Caavo Companion app is in the first. App tile on your Apple TV and launching content/apps are still slow use the following steps to improve performance. 

  1. Restart your Apple TV by opening the Apple TV's settings > System > Restart. 
  2. Restart your Router. 
  3. Restart your Control Center by pressing the Caavo button > Settings > Restart. 

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