Introduction To Your Control Center Remote

Your Control Center remote is everything you need to control your living room entertainment experience. 

General Tips
The Control Center remote only sends commands directly to Control Center via Bluetooth*.  Control Center then relays those commands to connected devices through a combination of IR, IP, and HDMI CEC commands.  Since Control Center connects to and controls many different devices and applications, the functionality of the buttons can change depending on what you are controlling.  If you want to know what functionality a button has, lightly rest your finger on the button in question and then look at your TV, in the lower right hand side of the screen. There you will see the name of the button, the short press function (on top) and the long press button (on bottom).


Overview of your remote




The Caavo button
The CAAVO button is your primary button for viewing and controlling your Control Center. Pressing the CAAVO button opens the Caavo menu where you can search for content, view your watchlists, switch source devices, open apps, configure your Control Center settings. Pressing the CAAVO button a second time will always dismiss the main Caavo UI.

Power and Volume controls
The top four buttons are global controls for powering your system on and off, muting and changing the volume for your entire system.

Sources Device button
Located opposite (on the left) of the MIC button, the Source Devices button has three important functions.

  • Pressing 1x will display all connected source devices.

  • Pressing 2x will display the support dialog - you can submit questions or concerns here.

  • Long pressing the button will retry a deep link to any content you were trying to play.

MIC button
Just press and hold the mic button, then say what you want to watch. To go directly to a device, app, channel or program you recently watched, hold down the MIC and say…

  • "watch [A device name]"
  • "watch [An app]"
  • or "watch [Your watchlist item]"

If you do not use the watch command before you say something, Caavo will automatically search for it and show you the results.

Navigation/DPAD (Directional PAD controller)

The main circular button on the remote is known as a DPAD, or directional pad controller. Pressing up, left, right or down on the outer ring of the controller will move the selection on screen in that direction. Pressing the center of the ring will send the OK, or accept, command.  The functions of the buttons below the DPAD button are customized depending on which device is being shown, and some functions can be re-mapped. You can learn more about re-mapping those buttons here.

Back button
Pressing the back button will take you one step back in your navigation history for most apps - however it's important to note that certain apps and devices may behave differently.

Menu button
Pressing the menu button will most often bring up the source device menu, or in the case of set top boxes the channel guide. The functionality of this button changes depending on the source device and application, so try resting your finger lightly on it to see on-screen displays of functionality.

Play / Pause button
Pressing the Play / Pause button will start and stop the video playback on your active source device or app. The long press functionality of this button can be customized per device.

FF / RW buttons
Pressing the FF or RW button will fast forward the video being watched, or rewind it. The secondary function is normally 30s skip forward, and replay - depending on the active source. For most set top boxes you can swap the default mappings in settings > swap FF/RW for Skip/Replay for set top boxes

Ring Gestures

When gestures are enabled, you can perform FF or Skip Forward by swiping your finger clockwise around the d-pad center button. You can perform RW or Skip Back by swiping your finger counter-clockwise around the d-pad center button.

Page up and down buttons
Pressing the page up and down buttons will paginate through lists of results. The long press functionality for these buttons can be customized via the re-mapping function.

Keypad (9 dot) buttons
Pressing the keypad button 1x will display the on-screen number pad entry UI - you can use this to enter in channel numbers for set top boxes etc. Long pressing the keypad button will show the complete set of functions supported for your active device. Pressing the keypad again, while viewing this window, will start the re-mapping setup.

LED \ Light on your remote
The Caavo remote makes use of an accelerometer to know when it's in your hand, and when to activate - saving battery life when the remote is sitting still. The LED will indicate the status of your remote. Please refer to the article Lights on the Control Center Remote Explained.

Powering your remote
Your Control Center remote is powered by a pair of AAA batteries. If battery power is low you will receive a notification to replace the batteries. You can check the battery level in the Caavo menu. 

First press the Caavo button on your Caavo remote and navigate to Settings using the center circle DPAD (up down left right and select) buttons.


Then open the Remote menu.



*Bluetooth - The You can check the battery level in the Caavo menu. The remote's effective range is about 33 feet.  However, the range and performance of the Bluetooth signal will depend on any physical obstructions (ie. walls, doors, tall objects) between the Control Center remote and Control Center.

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