Control Set-Top Boxes (STBs)

This guide explains how to access all the functions of your set top box via the Control Center remote, and also how to find the movies, shows, sports, and other content you want to watch on your set top box.

Controlling Your Set Top Box

Your Control Center remote has nine buttons, a directional pad, and an OK button dedicated to controlling source devices.  Many devices, such as set top boxes, have more physical buttons than what is available on the Control Center remote.  The following section explains explains how to access all those functions of your set top box via the Control Center remote, and also how to customize those controls.

Dynamic Buttons

The first key feature enabling the Control Center remote to make all those functions available are dynamic buttons.  Dynamic buttons provide a way to assign a primary and secondary function to a single button.  The primary function is accessed by clicking the button and the secondary function is accessed by pressing and holding, or long-pressing, the button. 
All of the buttons below the directional pad, with the exception of the keypad, are dynamic when controlling your set top box (dynamic buttons are not required for source devices that have less than eight buttons on their remote, such as media streamers).  For example, when controlling a DirecTV set top box, clicking the Home button on the Control Center remote will send the "List" command to DirecTV, and pressing and holding the Menu button will send the "Info" command. 

Ring Gesture

Control Center's remote directional pad can also be used as a touch sensitive gesture button for FF/RW & Skip Forward/Skip Back. This feature is enabled by default for devices that can support it. Simply rest your finger on the directional pad and move your finger clockwise to FF/Skip Forward, and move it counter clockwise for RW/Skip Back. You can disable/enable this feature by navigating to Settings > [Device] > Ring Gestures.

Swapping Fast Forward/Rewind and Skip Back/Skip Forward

For some set top boxes (Dish, DirecTV, and Tivo), Fast Forward/Rewind and Skip Forward/Skip Back are mapped as the primary and secondary functions of the FF/RW buttons.  For these set top boxes, some users may prefer to have fast-forward/rewind as the primary control, and others may prefer to have skip forward/back.  To swap the primary and secondary functions, go to Settings > [Device] > Ring Gestures. Here you can enable Ring Gestures and set primary button function for Ring Gesture or << & >> buttons.

Remote Overlay

The dynamic buttons feature enables more functions than the number of physical buttons on the Control Center remote, but you may be asking how you know which button does what, especially when it comes to secondary functions where the button label may not reflect the function of the secondary button.  This is where the remote overlay feature comes in.  Most of the buttons on the Control Center remote are touch sensitive - when you rest your finger on them you will get an on-screen display showing what functions are mapped to the primary and secondary commands.

More Buttons

The "More Buttons" interface is accessed by long-pressing the 9-dot keypad button.  This interface provides the following features:
  • A map showing all the primary and secondary button functions
  • Access to additional set top box functions that are not mapped to a primary or secondary button function
  • The ability to customize some of the secondary button functions (displayed in blue)
When in the "More Buttons" interface, all buttons presses on the Control Center remote will be sent to the source device except the d-pad and OK buttons - those are used to navigate and send the additional controls from the list on the right.

Customizing Buttons

The most important controls for your set top box should be mapped to a primary or secondary button function by default.  Some of the secondary functions can be customized to suit personal preferences. 
To customize the secondary functions:
  1. Open the "More Buttons" interface by long-pressing the 9-dot keypad button.  The functions that can be customized are shown in blue.  
  2. To change the function assigned to a customize-able function, press the 9-dot keypad button again.
  3. Now, press the button for which you want to customize the secondary function.
  4. Next, select the control from the list on the right that you would like to set as the secondary function and press OK on the Caavo remote
  5. Press the CAAVO button to close the "More Buttons" interface.

That's it!  Now the control you selected will be available as the secondary function for the selected button.


Finding and Playing Programs on your Set Top Box

This section explains how to use Control Center to find and play what you want to watch on your set top box.

Channel Tuning

The best way to tune to a channel is using voice.  If you know the name of the network or the channel number you want to watch, simply hold down the Mic button and say "Watch (Name of network or Channel Number)". If Control Center can find an exact match, it will tune right to it.  If Control Center cannot find an exact match you will be presented with search results instead.  You can also manually enter a channel number by clicking the 9-dot keypad button on the Control Center remote to bring up a number pad.

Searching For Programs

You can also use voice to search for live programs, upcoming programs, and recorded content (on supported DVRs - Dish Hopper, DirecTV Genie, and Xfinity X1). Just hold down the mic button and say the name of a show you'd like to search for, and Control Center will provide Live, Upcoming, and recorded results for that show (as well as web and streaming options). If you want to know what is on a specific channel, just say the channel name and Caavo will present a list of live and upcoming shows on that channel. Lastly, you can navigate the guide on your cable box using your Control Center remote, just like you would use the remote that came with your cable box.
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