Pairing, Unpairing, and Resetting your Control Center Remote

If the remote is near Control Center, and Control Center is powered on, but the remote is still flashing the blue LED you can enter the pairing menu using the button on the top of Control Center.  Press and release the button once and then hold it down for ~10 seconds and release it when you see the LED on the front of Control Center blink once. You will see the remote pairing screen appear on your TV. Follow the onscreen instructions to then pair your remote.



Unpairing the remote
To "unpair" the Control Center remote, press and hold both the CAAVO and BACK (<-) buttons until the remote's LED flashes red and green.  You can then release those buttons and follow the onscreen instructions to "re-pair" the remote back to Control Center.

Resetting the remote
To reset your Control Center remote, remove the batteries for a few seconds and then replace them. After you perform a remote reset, your remote should automatically "re-pair" back to Control Center.


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