Channels Are Wrong or Missing (Channel Guide Lineups)

Channel lineup lists tell Control Center what channels your cable, satellite, or TiVo box has and which programs are airing at what time they are airing in your area. During setup, you select which lineup for Control Center to use but it is possible to select the wrong lineup.

If you find that Control Center sends incorrect channel numbers when you perform a verbal channel change (i.e. "watch [network channel name]"), or search results provide incorrect channel information, or don't show results you know it should, it is possible that you selected an incorrect channel lineup during the setup process.

To reset your channel lineup, go to Settings > Device > Cable/Set-top box > Change lineup. 

  • If you are presented with a "standard" and "digital" lineup option, choose digital.
  • If you are presented with a national vs local lineup, choose the local lineup. For example, if presented with Pacific vs San Francisco, choose San Francisco.

If you aren't certain which lineup you have, it may be faster to just try choosing a different one and testing.  If you're still having difficulties choosing the correct channel list, please contact your cable/satellite provider.  There are also third-party sites that may help, like, if you are having trouble figuring it out from your bill or provider.

Notes:  Some service providers will repeat channels (i.e. HD channel 505 will be the same channel as HD channel 1405).  Control Center will ignore the higher redundant channel (will not voice tune or search it). 

Additionally, control center will not tune to a channel that does not exist in the lineup list you selected. If you say 'play 754' and channel 754 is not in the lineup list, control center will try to do a search for it as a 'show" instead.

Also, control center will typically default to the high definition version of the same channel.  If CBS is on channel 5 in standard definition and also on channel 505 in high definition, voice tuning by saying 'play CBS' will take you to channel 505. 

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