PC or Laptop Display Scaling

Control Center allows connecting various HDMI source devices for your viewing convenience.  Included among those are PCs and laptops that are capable of outputting via HDMI, enabling you to view your PC/laptop desktop on your larger TV display. 

In some cases there may be an issue with the PC/laptop picture not scaling correctly to the TV display. This may be due to a TV feature called 'Overscan'. Disabling this feature may resolve the issue. To disable 'Overscan' on your TV, please follow these steps...

  • Go to your TV's menu.
  • Under the TV's menu go to 'display' (or something similarly described, ie. 'Picture')
  • Depending on TV manufacturer the 'Overscan' feature and disabling it may be described differently.  You may have to do an online search for the specific TV brand and model you have to find out.  Some examples are as follows...
    • Vizio - Change the picture mode to "Normal".
    • Samsung - Look for the "Screen Fit" option.
    • Insignia - The feature is simply called 'Overscan'.
    • Sony (Android TV) - Within Android go to >settings>picture and display>screen
      • Turn off auto display area.
      • Select 'Full pixel' under 'Display Area'.

You may want to try and match the output resolution of your PC with the native resolutions of your TV (i.e. 1080p output from PC with 1080p resolution of TV).  That way, no scaling/resizing of the image needs to take place.  These settings differ by PC (graphic card) and TV.

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