Control Center Networking

Control Center requires an internet connection and can connect to your home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. We recommend using a wired Ethernet connection whenever possible for best performance, but Control Center will automatically search for a Wi-Fi connection if Ethernet is not available.


Network Settings

To see your current network settings, press the CAAVO button on your remote and navigate to Settings > Network. If you have Wi-Fi available, you'll see the option to Setup wireless network:



Advanced Settings

Note: this section will not apply to most users! If you haven't configured special ports or IP addresses on your home network, then don't worry about these settings.

Control Center uses several ports to check for network connectivity and to communicate with Caavo servers. If you're experiencing network issues, please ensure that the following ports are open and available on your network:

  • 8080
  • 8079
  • 443
  • 9876
  • 80
  • 9292

Additionally, ensure that the IP address is not blocked.


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