How to Switch Caavo Accounts?

Please Note: Each Control Center gets a 45 day free trial of the Caavo Service Subscription when you sign up. If you remove your Caavo Account from Control Center, that will end your free trial. When you create/link another account on that unit, your paid subscription will start. 

To switch the Caavo account linked with your Control Center, you will need to factory reset it first. This will not delete your current account, or the apps, services or credentials linked to this account. It will restore Control Center back into a pristine state where it is ready to go through the complete setup process again.  The process erases all configuration data (i.e. connected devices, Caavo Cache watchlist, IR codes, network settings, etc). 

You can factory reset your Control Center by two methods:

You can navigate to Settings > Factory Reset, then follow onscreen instructions.


Alternatively, you execute a factory reset from the single button on top of Control Center using the following button press sequence: short - long (~20s)


You will then repeat the setup process as you did originally with Control Center.  Once you have completed the Control Center setup flow, you will be asked to link your Caavo account using a laptop or mobile device, and to 'sign in' or 'create account'.


If you have already created the account you'd like to use with Control Center, choose "sign in."

If you would like to link a new account to Control Center, choose "create account."

Then follow the on-screen instructions to link your apps and services to your Control Center.


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