Add/Change/Remove Source Devices

Before you connect a new device to Control Center, you should go through setup on that device to connect it to your network and configure settings. You can do this during setup on Control Center, but will be easier to do beforehand.

Adding Device to Control Center

If you wish to add a device to Control Center, simply plug it in to an available hdmi port on Control Center. It will be automatically detected and Control Center will walk you through setup.

Changing or Removing a Device on Control Center

If you wish to remove a device, simply unplug that device's HDMI cable from Control Center. You will be prompted to either Forget or Remember the device.

  • Choose Remember if you plan on hooking the device back to the same port on Control Center. 
  • Choose Forget to remove the device or if you plan on plugging a different device into that port.

If you choose "Remember" but decide later to plug it back into another port or remove it altogether, go to Settings> Devices> [device name]> Remove Device.

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