DEVICES: Amazon FireTV

Control Types
FireTV can be controlled through Bluetooth or HDMI-CEC. Bluetooth is recommended, and is selected by default.


Auto Switching
Control Center can detect presses of the Home button on your FireTV remote, and will switch sources to FireTV when that button is pressed if Auto Switching is enabled for FireTV.


Basic Controls
Control Center must be paired with FireTV through Bluetooth in order to use Control Center as a remote. You'll be prompted to pair your Control Center with FireTV as part of the setup process:

1. Using your FireTV remote, navigate to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth Devices


2. Select "Add Bluetooth Devices"


3. Follow the prompts on screen to pair Control Center with FireTV

  • If you have previously paired your FireTV with Control Center, follow the instructions onscreen that advise using the FireTV's MENU button to unpair Control Center.  You can then pair it again at that point.


FireTV keys are mapped to the following Control Center buttons:

FireTV Control Center
 Directional Pad   Up/down/left/right/select
 Back   Back
 Microphone   Not supported
 Home   Home
 Menu   Menu
 Rewind   Rewind
 Fast-Forward   Fast Forward
 Play/Pause   Play/Pause

Deep Linking
To enable Deep Linking functionality, the Caavo Companion app must be installed.  You can search for "Caavo Companion" on your FireTV device itself, which is prompted during setup, or beforehand on a computer.

On FireTV device:

  1. Connect the FireTV to any available Control Center HDMI port.
  2. Verify that Control Center discovers the newly connected Amazon FireTV
  3. While in setup, download and install the Caavo Companion App and launch to ensure the app has successfully been installed.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to pair & connect the Control Center remote with the FireTV


On a computer

  1. Go to the Amazon website or app store and search for "Caavo Companion".
  2. In the dropdown menu highlighted in red below, choose the FireTV device you want to use with Control Center and click "Deliver". If you're not sure which device to choose, choose "Cloud Only".Pic3.JPG
  3. If you chose a specific device in Step 2 you can skip this step. If you chose "Cloud Only" in Step 2, turn on Control Center and on FireTV navigate to Settings > My Account > Sync Amazon Content. The Caavo Companion app will now be installed on your device.
  4. Once the Caavo Companion app is installed, the app and open it. You should get a message that says "Control Center connected successfully!" You can now Deep Link with your FireTV!

FireTV Cube

Yes, FireTV Cube will work with Control Center. Because FireTV Cube has the ability to control other devices (i.e. turn TV on/off), you will need to turn off this functionality. It uses some of the same technology as Control Center and can cause issues if you plug it in through your Control Center and leave that functionality on.

To turn of these features, on your FireTV navigate to settings>>equipment control>>equipment control and select 'off'. Also navigate to settings>>equipment control>>manage equipment>fire tv cube and select 'none selected'. 

With these functionalities turned off, you can still use Control Center to search/launch/watch content through FireTV Cube. You can even use FireTV Cube to send Alexa Voice Commands to Control Center. If you'd rather use these features on your FireTV Cube, it is best if you connect it straight to your TV and not through Control Center.

 Fire TV Edition TVs 

If you wish to access your Fire TV Edition TV’s internal apps and services you’ll need to set up your TV as smart TV. You’ll need to complete your initial setup to start the smart TV set up process. After completing the initial set up press the Caavo button, select the settings gear, navigate to devices, choose your TV from the device menu, select control settings, then choose set up as a smart TV, and follow the on-screen instructions.

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