Unable to Find the Original Device Remote for Setup

During setup it is recommended that you have all original remotes for the devices you are connecting to Control Center. Depending on the device, however, it may not actually be necessary. Try going through the setup and see if it is needed. 

In some cases, you may even have another remote that allows control of your device (i.e. your cable box remote may control power/volume for your TV). If this is the case, you may be able to use this remote instead.

If the device has an iOS or Android app, you may be able to use that app to get through the setup.

A few reasons the original remote, or its stand-in, may be needed:

  • to wake up a device so Control Center can detect it (restarting the device may work around this)
  • to turn your TV, soundbar, or AVR back on if Control Center cannot control it (pressing POWER on the device may work around this)
  • to navigate to a menu item on the device to enable Control Center to control it
  • to teach Control Center how to communicate with the devices that are not recognized

If you get to a part of setup that requires the original device remote but you don't have it, or a suitable stand-in, you will have to the option to SKIP the screen. Keep in mind that Control Center will not have full control of the device until you resolve this issue.

You may also find that your device can use a different control type, such as HDMI-CEC or IP (internet protocol). If you can enable that on your device, try going through the setup process again to establish control (go to Settings> Device> [device name]> Control Settings> Test Control.

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