How To Use IR Blaster

We've included 1 dual-headed infrared (IR) blaster (aka IR emitter aka IR controller) to accommodate those home entertainment setups where the IR emitters in the Control Center can't reach your devices.




This IR blaster is intended for use with your TV or AVR. If your Control Center is in a closed cabinet, or is too far from your TV or AVR to have line-of-sight, then you can use this blaster to extend the range of the IR commands that Caavo sends out. Plug the 3.5mm connector into the IR port in Control Center, and place the other end of the blaster somewhere with line of sight to your TV or AVR unit (in front of the IR window). Incorrect alignment of the IR blaster can result in inconsistent control of your devices. You may have to move the IR blaster around some to find the ideal location for your devices.


Note: The control center unit itself also emits IR from within.  You may be able to communicate directly with your devices with IR by placing control center strategically within your entertainment system setup.  IR needs line-of-sight so keep that in mind when placing control center and any IR blasters.




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