App Not Launching on AppleTV

If you select a search result from Control Center and are only taken to the Home screen on AppleTV (rather than the associated App), you may not have that app installed on your AppleTV. 

  • e.g. If you search for a program and select "watch on" Hulu (for example) and are only taken to the Home screen of AppleTV, check to see if you actually have the Hulu app installed on AppleTV.  Verify this by using the remote to locate the Hulu app on your AppleTV.

If you have the appropriate streaming app installed on your AppleTV, please check the following settings on AppleTV:

  • Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Accommodations.  If this is on, please turn it off.  
  • Settings> General> Accessibility> Increase Contrast> Focus Style.  Set to default.

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