TV/AVR Power Control Not Working

If you find that Control Center is no longer able to power on/off the TV or AVR, please check the following...

  • Check your Control Center remote battery life and confirm it is at a good level.
  • Make sure that your Control Center and Control Center remote is connected.
  • If you are using an IR extender/emitter, check to make sure that the IR emitter is properly pointed at your TV or AVR. You will need direct line of sight in order for IR to work properly.
  • If the above checks out and you are still not able to control the power settings for your TV or AVR, you may have to re-setup the device in Control Center.
    • Go to 'CAAVO' button > settings > devices
    • Select the device that you have an issue with (ie. TV)
    • Select 'Reset Output'. Control Center will re-setup the device and then take you through a setup process to ensure that you are able to control it. Please note that in some instances you may be asked to go through a remote learning process if the default TV or AVR IR commands are not working.

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