Where Is The Best Place To Put Control Center?

Control Center was designed to be at home in your home. We recommend that you place Control Center near your media center, and after plugging in all your devices via their HDMI cables, placing those devices out of sight. Control Center can do all the hard work.

Whenever possible, Control Center should not be placed directly on top of any other electronic devices to avoid overheating. The best place to put your Control Center is in an open area without anything obstructing the top or sides of it to allow for air flow and IR transmission.

Your Control Center has IR emitters inside of it. These emitters transmit out the top and sides of the unit itself and are often used to control your other devices. Consider placing your Control Center so that these emitters have a fairly clean line-of-sight path to the front of your other devices. Having Control Center slightly lower and slightly in front of other devices will yield the best IR performance. This will allow Control Center to communicate with your attached devices better.

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