Control Center Says a Device is Offline

If Control Center loses connectivity with your device, you may see a pop up that notifies you. If this happens, you won't be able to launch content on the device. This may happen due to the following:

  1. There is something interfering with the Bluetooth signal used to communicate between Control Center and FireTV. Change the FireTV control to CEC control to see if this solves the problem by going to Control Center Menu > Settings > Devices > FireTV > Control Settings and select CEC. NOTE: You should only change the control type for Fire TV devices from BT to another type. Apple TV/Nvidia shield work best on a BT control type. 
  2. Inconsistent Internet connectivity. Please make sure your internet is working and that your device is connected to the same network as Control Center (if you are on a wireless connection).
  3. If it's possible, try moving your devices to a wired connection instead of using wifi.
  4. Try restarting the affected device.
  5. If you have more than one of the affected device type in your home, make sure Control Center is connected to the right one.  Go to Settings > Devices > [affected device] > Change Device to set the device up again. Pay close attention to which one you select.
    • If more than one device is displayed on a list but you aren't sure which device to select, try renaming the device Control Center should control to something more recognizable. Or you can temporarily power down the other devices you don't wish to control and then refresh the device list...turning those devices back on when you are done.

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