Intermittent Audio Loss (Audio Dropping out)

Audio loss, or audio drop out, could be due to your audio source (set top box, streaming device) or due to your network.  Try rewinding to see if the drop is still present in the feed. If the issue is present and continues to occur, you may wish to report it to your content provider.

If the audio drop is not there when you rewind:

  1. Try long pressing the mute button on your Control Center remote. This will refresh your Control Center's HDMI signal. 
  2. Try using the Control Center remote to switch to a different source momentarily, then switch back
  3. Restart the source device, as well as Control Center and your audio device.
  4. Alternatively you can try to use an Ethernet cable instead of wireless to Control Center, if possible. If ethernet is not possible, verify the device has consistent internet connectivity.

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