DirecTV Network Issues

DirecTV utilizes a coax cable connection to get signal from the satellite dish, but also needs to be connected to your local network in order for Control Center to be able to connect. You can use either a wifi or hard-wired ethernet connection for this. We recommend a hard-wired ethernet connection, if possible, as it is much more reliable.

The network connection is configured on your main DirecTV Genie DVR box, so if you are also using a mini Genie or 4K mini Genie, you will need to go to the main Genie DVR box to configure your network settings.

If your DirecTV system continues to drop off the network and Control Center is unable to connect, try using a 5GHz network, or switching to ethernet for a more reliable connection. If you do utilize the 5GHz wifi network, please make sure that your Control Center is connected to the same network or on a wired connection.

DirecTV utilizes RF remotes, but does also support IR control. If you are unable to get a reliable network connection to your DirecTV system, you can control it via IR with Control Center. To set this up, using your Control Center Remote, navigate to Settings>>Devices>>DirecTV>>Control Type and toggle to IR.

Note: If you are controlling your DirecTV via IR, Control Center will not be able to pull your DVR list or deeplink into DVR content. However, you will be able to still search, tune to channels, and navigate your DirecTV system using the Control Center remote or voice commands.

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