Shows Are Not Showing Up in Caavo Cache

Caavo Cache is similar to your watch history that you’ve seen in some of your streaming apps, except Control Center puts them all in one convenient spot. You can find Caavo Cache by pressing the Caavo button on your Control Center remote, selecting Watch, then you will see the option to choose Caavo Cache.

After selecting a movie or TV series to watch using the Control Center user interface (voice commands and search), you will see your content populate in the Caavo Cache watch list making it easier to pick up where you left off on your favorite shows!

Note: Only shows that are searched for and watched using the Control Center user interface (voice and remote control) will show up in your Caavo Cache.  Use a voice command and your remote to search for a show.  Then select and watch the show from the search results. The show should now show up in your Caavo Cache.

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