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With 'My Lists' you can create your own universal playlists combining TV shows and movies across all your connected services, including live TV and streaming. Add any show, series or movie to 'My Lists', name your list and share it with the Caavo community (or keep it private if you prefer). You can also view and edit your 'My Lists' on the Caavo TV & Movie Guides Mobile App.


How do I create a list?

To create a new list, first find a series or movie that you want to add to your list. You can do this by searching for it using Control Center’s Universal Search, or through one of Control Center’s guides, including 'For Your Consideration' and 'Crowd Surfing'.

Once you find the content you want to add to a new list, navigate to it and press the Sources button on your Control Center remote or select View Details and then add it to My Lists. Control Center will display the option to create a new list or select one of your existing lists. Select Create a New List, give your list a name and add a brief description (pro tip: use the Mic button to say your list name and description), then select whether you’d like your list to be private, or public and available to the Caavo community on Control Center (crowd surfing), the Caavo TV & Movie Guides App and


Can I edit a list after it’s published?

You can edit your list details and sharing preferences by navigating to 'My Lists' in the Watch menu, selecting the list you’d like to edit, and pressing the nine-dot button on your Control Center remote. See also, this article on Crowd Surfing here.


Can I vote on lists I like? How do I know if anybody watched my lists?

Soon! We are working on adding a variety of creator tools to Control Center in 2019. Follow the blog for details.

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