Device Settings - TV/Soundbar/AVR

Control Center interacts with your TV and soundbar/AVR through IR and CEC controls. If you need to change anything, TV Settings are accessed by pressing the CAAVO button on your Control Center remote, selecting Settings (gear icon), then Devices. On the Device Settings page, you will select your TV, then you will see details on the current state of the device, along with some configurable options.

Control Settings will give you two options:

  • CEC Power State: HDMI-CEC will enable Control Center to track the power state of your TV/AVR/sound bar. Selecting this will give you the option to enable or disable the feature.


  • Test Control: If you are having issues controlling volume or powering off and on your devices, select Test Control to test control of your TV/soundbar/AVR and correct any issues.

Reset Output will cause you to go through the TV and soundbar/AVR setup at the same time, giving you the option to listen to audio through just the soundbar/AVR or use the TV's speakers as well. If you are having trouble controlling your TV or soundbar/AVR and are unable to fix the issue via the Test Control page, you may want to try resetting the output.

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