Problem Pairing Control Center with Amazon Alexa

After setting up your Control Center you should be able to pair to your Amazon Echo type device for use with Alexa. See this article on pairing Alexa with Control Center.

If you are having problems pairing with Alexa, please go through the following...

1. If you are having problems getting Alexa to confirm your PIN.  Please make sure the room is very quiet, stand fairly close to your Alexa device, and retry the phrase "Alexa, enable Caavo Skill" then "Alexa, tell Caavo my pin is ____".  You may need to try repeating this up to 5 times.

Note:  You can confirm what your Alexa device is hearing using the Alexa App on your smart phone.  Launch the app and select the hamburger patty (three lines) in top left, then select 'settings', then 'Alexa Account', then 'history'.  Your Alexa commands will show up on this screen in real-time so you can confirm that you are being heard correctly.

2. Restart your Alexa, Control Center, and router if they haven't been restarted in a while.  You can restart your Control Center by pressing the "Caavo" button, going into Settings, and then selecting Restart.

3. Remove your Caavo skill inside the Alexa app. After you have removed the app, close your Alexa app, wait about a minute, and then re-open it re-add the Caavo skill.

4. After you have re-added your Caavo skill using the Alexa app, use the Caavo pin command to re-pair your Control Center to your Alexa. You can find your Caavo pin by pressing the Caavo button going into settings, selecting other services, then selecting Alexa. Only use the phrase "Alexa, tell Caavo my pin is ____".  Alexa will confirm when the PIN was accepted.  You may need to retry this PIN command numerous times to get the confirmation.

5. If you are still having a problem issuing the pair command thru your Echo device you may want to try speaking thru the Alexa app on your smartphone.  To do this, please go thru the following...

  1. Make sure you have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your smartphone.
  2. Once there, press the circular blue icon at the bottom center of the app.  This will engage the MIC on the smartphone for you speak to Alexa. Speak the command "Alexa, tell Caavo my pin is ____".

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