Release Notes

From time to time Caavo will address and fix bugs and issues and improve upon the experience of your Control Center system. This happens via a software (aka firmware) update. You will usually see a notification at the top of your TV display if an update is available, but you can check for the update manually by navigating to Settings>About>Then Select the Firmware Version 

As a way to keep you informed on what fixes and/or improvements were made with each software update, we have included the release notes for each update here. As part of the update process, we roll out the firmware in waves over the course of a few days. If a release is posted below, but you do not yet have it on your board, you can expect it within a few days of the date posted.

Control Center Software Update Release Notes:



Release date: 25 September 2020


  • New Search UI: Defaults to “Search on Device” wherever supported (Streamers & STBs)
  • Support for App launch and Deeplink on AppleTV tvOS 14
  • Support for long press (or press & hold) of few buttons on IR control



Release date: 19 August 2020


  • AppleTV setup getting into IR flow and not BT
  • Some Roku Streamers being identified as Roku TV



Release date: 05 August 2020


  • Main Menu UI re-design with options for Devices, Apps, Channels & Lists - a flat design for the main features
  • AppleTV IP control has been replaced with BT control (Test Control should be redone)
  • Full search & deeplink support for Disney+ and AppleTV+ Apps
  • Ability to launch (not search or deeplink) 40 new Apps like YouTube TV, NBA, Nick, Crackle, etc
  • Added IR learn support for separate Power On/Off buttons for Projectors
  • Telescope Voice-Messaging/Control support for out of network Control Centers in the same Caavo account (Friends & Family)
  • Audio streaming from Control Center to iPhone App (for PCM audio only)
  • Added voice commands for Music/Telescope
  • BT control of Portal TV and support for dictation
  • Support for TiVo Stream 4K as an Android box
  • IR control support for AT&T TV, no deeplink or DVR search. Uses DirecTV headend.
  • Added IR support for additional TV/AVR/Projector/Soundbar devices
  • DVR list view has been removed, DVR content can only be found via Search


  • YouTube results in Search
  • Improved control robustness - auto-fallback to IR/CEC control if IP/BT fails



Release date: 15 November 2019


  •  Added option (Settings > Devices > AppleTV > Control Settings) to send volume to AppleTV for the case where Airplay speakers are paired



Release date: 25 October 2019


  • Deeplink content on AppleTV with tvOS 13
  • Deeplink content on Roku TVs, Android TVs and FireTV edition TVs
  • Native search on AppleTV, FireTV, Nvidia Shield and Roku if it's the current device (has to be enabled in Settings > Devices > ...)
  • Native Search and Dictation mode support on DirecTV
  • Search/Playback of DirecTV VoD
  • Support to retrieve lists from multiple DirecTV DVRs and playback on DirecTV connected to CC
  • Plex made part of Top Results in Search results
  • Voice based chat in Telescope mode by long press of Devices button
  • Voice based dictation mode by long press of Devices button
  • Support (during IR learn) for double button press requirement for powering off Projectors
  • Search iTunes for Sonos playback
  • Ability to Power off the system by powering off a source device


  • Few cases of HDCP errors
  • HDMI being detected as DVI issue
  • DirecTV control issues
  • Plex crashes
  • DirecTV 4K pass-through issues



Release date: 23 June 2019

  • BT control of Google Nexus, requires re-setup from Settings > Devices > Google Nexus > Change Device
  • Sonos streams that are Paused are now displayed always
  • Support for long press functions of BT controlled devices like FireTV, Nvidia Shield, Android TV & AppleTV
  • HDMI fixes
    • No signal issue seen with few Sony TVs when CC comes out of Standby
    • Dolby ATMOS pass-through issue
    • Pass-through issues with YUV422 input
    • HDR issues with Netflix on AppleTV 4K
    • Dolby Atmos pass-through issues when AppleTV is the input



Release date: 1 May 2019

  • Ability to view Sonos rooms, control Sonos streams & pull other room Sonos streams into Caavo’s room. This also changes the scheme for Sonos connected to TV (Playbar, Playbase, Beam) and requires a re-setup from Settings > Other Services > Sonos
  • Parental Control via iPhone app
  • TiVo is no longer put into Standby
  • Changes to setup flow and UI (no impact on existing users)
    • moved Alexa, Google Home, Plex & Sonos to Settings
    • AppleTV test control modified to use only Caavo remote



Release date: 02 April 2019

  • TiVo IP control & DVR functionality, requires a re-setup of TiVo (Applies to TiVo TE4 and TE3 platforms)
  • OTA Tuners: Channel Master, Mediasonic Homeworx and more. Standalone OTA tuners from other manufacturers are also supported using IR learning.
  • TV Mode: More control for few TV models: LG WebOS TVs, Android TVs, Roku TVs, Samsung & Vizio (requires a re-setup of TV)
  • Relay Search on Android TVs & Roku TVs. Some STBs will also support relay search.
  • BT Control of Nvidia Shield, Apple TV & Android Streamer Box (requires a re-setup of the device)
  • Deeplink on Android Streamer Box via Caavo Companion App
  • Caavo Telescope: Peek into other Caavos in the network
  • Remote button mapping changes
    • Caavo button always takes to Caavo menu or pass-through
    •  Short press of Search (Mic) button shows previous Search results
    • 9 dot button functionality swapped: short press is More, long press is number pad
  • Fallback to other Plex interfaces on failure
  • Faster Youtube deeplink on AppleTV
  • Few cases of HDCP errors fixed



Release date: 14 February 2019


  • AppleTV no signal issue on switching from 1080p10bit to 4K10bit
  • FireTV 1080p HDR dark video
  • Delayed availability of video from Panasonic BDP



Release date: 31 January 2019

  • Fix for Pink screen with FireTV stick
  • Ring gesture added for OTA tuners



Release date: 04 January 2019

  • Plex deeplink issues on Roku fixed
  • Sony BDP HDMI pass-through fixed



Release date: 20 December 2018

  • IFTTT Support
  • DVR Fixes:
    • Fios muti-room dvr support
    • Xfinity new UI
  • HDMI Fixes:
    • PSVR passthrough
    • Dolby Atmos passthrough



Release date: 21 November 2018

  • HDMI
    • Roku Netflix HDCP error fix
    • HDR color space fix (improved HDR colors)
    • Few HDR related color issues
    • Nvidia Shield color space issue
    • Show screen on Panasonic TVs
    • Fixes for (occasional) no signal on 720p TVs
    • 12 bit support removed in EDID
  • Control
    • AT&T U-Verse toggle bit issues fixed
    • Ring gesture for STBs disabled by default (for already setup units, it has to be re-setup)
    • LG TV control issue with Select/OK
    • Disabled IR-over-HDMI and removed option from settings
    • Arcam AVR IR codes added
  • Remote
    • Increased accelerometer sensitivity of Remote
    • Remote is put into sleep only when Caavo goes into Standby
  • Search
    • Search on FireTV made faster
    • Fix for relay search on AppleTV when in Standby
  • UI
    • No changes to UI

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