Setting Up TCL Roku TV (Series 4 and Up) to Work With Control Center

TCL's line of 4K Roku TVs (series 4 and up) are unique smart TVs since it uses the Roku environment as its main user interface.  To get Control Center to work optimally with these TVs, please follow the following setup instructions for both the TV and for Control Center.

TCL Roku TV Setup

Whether you're setting up the TV with Control Center for the first time, or replacing a TV that is connected to Control Center with a newer TCL Roku TV, please use the suggested TCL Roku TV settings for optimal use with Control Center.

  1. Ensure that the correct HDMI standard is being used.
    - Go to Settings > TV Input
    - Select the input that Control Center is connected to.
    - Select 'HDMI mode' and check the box for 'HDMI 2.0'.  This will ensure that you are able to receive 4K/HDR content thru Control Center.
  2. Ensure that the TCL TV is able to wake and go on standby via Control Center.
    - Go to Settings > System > Power > Power On
    - Select the input that Control Center is connected to.  This will automatically switch to the input Control Center is on when you wake the TV.
    - Go to Settings > System > Power > Fast TV Start, and enable it.  Fast TV Start uses a little more power but allows you to wake the TV with the Control Center remote instead of the TCL Roku TV remote.
  3. Enable proper audio control.
    - Go to Settings > System > Control Other Devices (CEC)
    - Enable 'ARC (HDMI (port number))' if you are outputting audio from the TV directly to a sound bar or AVR via an HDMI cable (disregard if you are using a fiber or analog connection).  Make sure that the HDMI cable connection from the TV to the sound bar is plugged into the correct HDMI port with 'ARC' labeled on it.
    - Enable 'System Audio Control'

Control Center TV Setup

Control Center, unfortunately, is unable to control the TCL Roku TV's power function via IR.  As such you will need to setup the TV for CEC control through Control Center.  To do so please follow the steps below. (This applies to either first time Control Center setup or if you're adding the TV to a Control Center that is already setup.)

  1. When prompted to test TV power control
    - Go through the process of trying to power down.  Control Center will fail in powering down the TV.  This is OK.  Press the 'Down' button to confirm that power down did not work.
  2. You will now see a screen asking you to plug in the IR emitter.  You can skip plugging in the IR emitter and just select 'Done'.
  3. You will be prompted to test TV power control again.  Proceed through the test like in step one and be aware that Control Center will fail the test again.
  4. After the power test you will see a screen asking you to input the TV model# (please do so).
  5. The next screen will ask you to go through IR learning.  Do not go through IR learning.  Instead press the 'Fast Forward' button to skip through this step.
  6. Continue through and finish the rest of your setup.

To test that Control Center is working as expected with the TCL Roku TV, power off Control Center with the Control Center remote.  You should see Control Center power down and the TV display go dark.  That indicates that the TV has gone on standby.  Wait for 20 seconds and turn on your system with the Control Center remote.  The TV should wake up and switch to the Control Center input automatically, displaying whichever default device that Control Center is set to.



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