What Devices are Compatible with Control Center


Control Center works great with many different TV setups including 4k HDR. For some devices Control Center is your entertainment assistant, launching content and apps and tuning to channels with your voice commands, helping you pick up where you left off watching, and gathering all your recently viewed content into Caavo Cache. For almost anything else you connect to your TV, Control Center is a Remote Control, offering functionality similar to a universal remote.

For the best experience, you’ll want two or more devices from the Control Center deep linking list.

Control Center Deep Linking Devices

  • DISH
  • DirecTV
  • XFINITY (newest models - version 4 and newer)
  • FiOS
  • Spectrum
  • Roku
  • FireTV (all models)
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Apple TV with Siri Voice remote (gen 4 and newer)
  • Android Streamer Boxes

Control Center Remote Control

  • Most set-top boxes
  • DVD/Blu-ray players
  • Streaming boxes (including Apple TV 3 and older)
  • Game consoles

Control Center can learn IR remote commands for any device, but deep linking is only supported for certain devices. Use this article to learn more about these features, and to see if your devices are supported. 

Deep Linking

  • Launch Apps: Control Center can launch an app on compatible devices simply by saying "watch [app name]" - For example, you could say "watch Hulu" and Caavo will automatically launch Hulu.
  • Launch Devices: Control Center can automatically switch to a connected device by saying "watch [device name" - For example, you could say "watch Apple TV" and Caavo will switch to the input Apple TV is connected to.
  • Launch Movies or Shows: Control Center can also launch content from searches or on your Caavo Cache watchlist if you say "watch [name of show or movie] - For example, you could say "watch Game of Thrones" and Control Center will attempt to find the last episode you watched. Click Watch and the content will launch on your preferred device.
  • DVR: On compatible set-top boxes, Control Center can automatically set an upcoming live show to be recorded.
  • Tune to a channel: You can also ask Control Center to watch a channel call-sign or number, and Control Center will automatically tune to that channel on compatible set-top boxes.


Streaming Devices Entertainment Assistant Support (newest generation devices only)

   Turn On / Off     Deep Linking     Control Type
Apple TV* ✔      BT / IP / IR 
Amazon FireTV** ✔      BT / CEC
Roku*** ✔  ✔      IP / IR 
Chromecast ✔        IP 
Android Streamer Box  ✔   IP / CEC / BT
Nvidia Shield ✔  ✔    CEC / BT / IP 
Xbox One ✔        IR 
PS4  ✔        CEC 

*Apple 3 and older do not support Deep Linking
**First-generation FireTV does not support Deep Linking
***First-generation Roku Box and Roku Stick do not support Deep Linking


Set-Top Boxes
Control Center can control most cable and satellite set-top boxes that have IR control, including TiVo, FiOS, U-verse, and Spectrum (to name just a few).  During setup there is an IR learning process to teach Control Center your device's IR codes, so chances are good that we can control your cable/satellite box.

Additionally, Control Center can scan DVR recordings (to be included in search results) from:

  • Xfinity X1 DVR
  • Dish Hopper
  • DirecTV DVR (network-connected)
  • FiOS DVR
  • Spectrum DVR
  • TiVo



  • Control Center's Deep Linking features will work with Nvidia Shield and Android Streamer Boxes.
  • For other Android TV set top boxes, Control Center can provide basic control if the Android device can be controlled via IR or HDMI-CEC.
  • Control Center interfaces with TVs that have Android TV as their operating system. You can navigate Android TV menus using TV Mode.


Other devices (PC, security cameras, media server, etc)
If connected to Control Center's HDMI input, these devices will be detected as "unknown". You can label it during setup and Control Center will be able to switch to that port to display video but won't likely be able to control it. You may wish to skip any IR learning during setup to save yourself time and effort. 


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