Setting up FireTV 4K Stick

If you are setting up a new FireTV 4K stick to Control Center, please follow the directions below.  There is a known video issue with the FireTV 4K stick when used with Control Center.  The directions shown currently provides a work around to the issue until a more permanent solution is provided. We appreciate your understanding in the matter.

1. Before connecting the FireTV 4K stick to your Control Center, please connect it to an available HDMI port on your TV.

2. Use the TV remote to switch the TV input to the one the FireTV 4K stick is connected to.

3. Using the FireTV remote, navigate to: Settings > Display and Sounds > Display
(This assumes the FireTV 4K stick is already set up. If not, please go through the initial FireTV setup using the FireTV remote and then configure as directed below)

4. Change "Dynamic Range Settings" from "Always HDR" to "Adaptive"

5. Specifically use the "2160p" resolution setting instead of "Auto up to 4K"

6. Disconnect FireTV from TV input and connect back to CC HDMI input

7. Switch the TV back to CC input using the TV remote

8. You may get a static/snowy screen when you switch back to CC input. if this happens, unplug the HDMI cable from CC HDMI output and plug it back in.

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