TV Mode

Control Center is now able to manually navigate into the menus and any additional apps/services on many modern TV's using TV mode. This will allow you to open the TV menu, access apps, switch inputs on your TV, etc.  With our latest update, you’ll be able to use your Control Center universal remote to control most Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Android TVs,  Roku TVs, Vizio Smart TVs, and LG Smart TVs. 

Note: The TV should be setup with IR codeset 1 and no IR-learning should be done. Manufacturers do not specify which TV models use specific IR codesets so we cannot guarantee that a particular TV will support TV Mode even though the brand is listed above.


Entering and Exiting TV Mode easily

There are two ways to put your Control Center remote into TV Mode. The first is to select the TV Mode from your list of devices, which can be accessed via the Caavo Menu or by pressing the devices button on your remote. There you will see an option for TV Mode.


After you select TV Mode from your list of devices, you will be presented with the TV Mode options to enable or cancel. Clicking enable will allow you to navigate your TV's menus and additional functions.


The second way to enter TV Mode is even easier, simply long press the "white dot" button on the top right of your Control Center remote. It is directly next to the power button on your remote.

Of the two methods explained above, long pressing the "white dot" button is the easiest & quickest way.

To exit TV Mode, you will need to quickly double press the "9 dot" button, located in the bottom row of the Control Center remote.


It is important to note that, when in TV mode, you are able to navigate to different TV inputs. This means you will not be able to see the Control Center interface. If you accidentally double press the "9 dot" button while on a different input, simply long press the "white dot" button to regain TV Mode control.

Getting back to the Control Center Interface

If you are in TV Mode and on an input other than your Control Center, you can quickly switch back to the Control Center UI by simply pressing the CAAVO button on your Control Center remote. While in TV Mode, this sends a CEC command to your TV, telling it to toggle over to the correct input. CEC must be enabled on the TV in order for this functionality to work.

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