Dolby Vision

What about Dolby Vision?

Our product and engineering teams are constantly looking at how to improve and add features to Control Center. After considerable testing and investigation, we have determined we cannot support Dolby Vision enabled devices in exactly the same way as non-Dolby Vision devices in our ecosystem. However, we do have a solution in development that will allow you to use Control Center in parallel with your Dolby Vision-supported devices.  

We know this is a disappointment to some, and we hope that the overall value you get from using Control Center with your devices will deliver great value and simplicity to your viewing experience.

For those who do want to use Dolby Vision products in parallel with Control Center, our future solution will likely work as follows:

  1. Plug your Dolby Vision-supported device directly into your television.
  2. Control Center will not automatically detect your Dolby Vision device, so you’ll need to manually identify it to Control Center.
  3. When you select your Dolby Vision device through the Devices menu, Control Center will respond and switch your TV to that device.
  4. You can then use your Control Center universal remote to control your Dolby Vision device.
  5. Use the Caavo button on your remote to get back to the main Caavo menu—this also switches the TV input back to the Control Center input so you can use Simple Universal Search, voice commands, etc.
  6. Please note: Notifications and features like Telescope will not be available while using a Dolby Vision device in this externally connected manner.

We appreciate your continued support as we work tirelessly to unite entertainment in a world where no two homes are exactly the same.


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