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Control Center is now able to access your Sonos account and control your various networked speakers. On-screen you will be shown album artwork and play progress bar, along the the control options. This functionality is great for controlling your music during parties or if you are trying to adjust speakers in other rooms while you are watching TV.


Control Type

Using Control Center, you will be able to play/pause, skip, fast forward, rewind, volume up/down, and mute content playing through your Sonos speakers. This will work for all Sonos model speakers, but please note this functionality is only available when a speaker (or group of speakers) is actively streaming content. Speakers not currently streaming, or have been in an idle state for more than 10 minutes,  will not populate on the list of controllable devices. The Sonos speaker(s) can be re-populated on the list of controllable devices by activating it thru a connected mobile device. Control of a soundbar or surround sound, when being fed by the TV, operates differently (not as a separate device).  



To enable this functionality, you must sign into your Sonos account and allow Caavo access to control. On your Control Center, navigate to Menu>Settings>Other Services>Sonos. Follow the on-screen prompts to pair your account via web browser on mobile or laptop.


Playing Content

Currently, Control Center is only able to send control commands to your Sonos speakers through the network. You must still initiate content via mobile or smart speaker control (alexa/Google Home).



During setup of your Sonos speakers, if you identify the room as the same room where your Control Center is located, your Control Center will show the speaker as part of your room. The reason this is relevant is because you can bring music (streaming in another room) into the room you are in currently.  Example: You are in your living room watching TV, but also have a Sonos speaker in the living room. Music is currently streaming to your bedroom Sonos. Bringing up the Devices Screen on your Control Center will show the Bedroom Sonos as an option, but you also have an option for the Living Room. By selecting Living Room, the music will start streaming to your living room Sonos speaker. From here you can turn your TV off, but select to keep Sonos playing, or keep the album artwork on-screen.

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