Solving General Issues

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  • What is ARC? Does Caavo Support ARC?

    ARC stands for Audio Return Channel and is a feature within the HDMI specification from version 1.4 and up....

  • App and Credentials Settings

    App settings will allow you to set the Credentials for each app, as well as the preferred device you want t...

  • Factory Reset

    Factory Rest puts the Caavo back into a pristine state where it is ready to go through the setup process.  ...

  • Caavo and Source Devices

    The articles in this section will dive into how Caavo interacts with the various devices you connect with i...


Watching Shows

  • Amazon Prime - Error Code: 7105

    If you are seeing an error code: 7105 when trying to launch content on Amazon Prime, this appears to be an ...

  • How to use Caavo voice commands

    Click here for an introduction to search on Caavo. Caavo enables you to use voice commands to control the s...

  • Watching DVR Content

    If you have a compatible* DVR set-top box connected to your Caavo, you'll also be able to search for and la...

  • Changing Source Devices

    With the remote: Press the DEVICES button (below CAAVO button, left side) and then select the device you ...

  • Choosing Default Apps

    If a show or movie is available on more than one app, you can tell Caavo the order of your app preferences....

  • What to do if any content/shows fail to launch

    If you select a search result from Caavo and are only taken to the Home screen on a streaming device, check...