Connecting Caavo

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Device Connections

  • Connecting Your Devices To Caavo

    Caavo has 8 input HDMI ports, highlighted in red in the diagram below: And one output HDMI port, which is ...

  • How Do I Use Caavo's IR over HDMI technology?

    When you have a device connected to Caavo that is out of its field of vision, possibly due to it being loca...

  • How to use IR Extenders

    We've included two sets of infrared (IR) blasters to accommodate those home entertainment setups where the ...

  • What Do I Do With The HDMI Extender?

    Caavo includes an HDMI extender in the box. Here are our recommendations on usage. If you have an Apple TV ...

  • Where Is The Best Place To Put Caavo?

    Caavo was designed to be at home in your home. We recommend that you place Caavo near your media center, an...


Solving Connection Problems

Sound Bar

Audio Video Receivers (AVR)